Cake Artist, Pastry Chef, and Owner Pibeny is proudly based in south Orange County, California. 

Since I was a child growing up in Florida I enjoyed crafting all sorts of art projects that always turned into hobbies. One thing in particular that got my attention were desserts ! I loved working with my hands and I had became fascinated with desserts and cakes to be specific! As a result I independently developed my skills and upon graduating high school attended a few cake decorating classes at my local crafts store. From there I began to experience high demand for my cakes and pastries throughout the greater Miami area. This success continued for several years and reinforced not only my obsession for baking but also the personal satisfaction associated with observing the pleasure customers experienced with my creations.

In 2012 I decided I wanted to attend The French Pastry School in Chicago, Illinois owned by award winning renowned Chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sébastien Canonne, M.O.F. There I received my certification in L‘Art du Gâteau having had the honor of training with Certified Master Sugar Artist Nicholas Lodge, Master Cake Artist Mark Seaman, and World Pastry Champions, Scott Green and Joshua Johnson. This exceptional training not only significantly enhanced my techniques and skills but also my lifelong commitment to total customer satisfaction. 

During my time at French Pastry School I interned at various Bakeries and Candy Shop (one in specific Whimsical Candy) owned and operated by Cris... It was a one woman show! She is AMAZING and she inspired me to never give up. Upon graduation I moved back to Florida and became one in a team of six pastry chefs at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami where, for just under 3 years, I worked with accomplished and passionate Pastry Chefs that always encouraged me to further developed myself as an all around Pastry Chef.